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Our Services, Explained

Drone vs. Video vs. Pictures vs. 360 Tour – What’s the Difference????

We offer a variety of real estate media services, and we understand that sometimes it can be hard to understand the differences between them! So, here’s a more detailed breakdown to help give more clarity:


These are still images of the listing. Each image is of a specific area (living room, dining room, bedroom, etc.). We take multiple images to best capture the space, in the order we believe shows how the home flows best. We include ground photos (pictures taken with the camera in our hands), as well as aerial photos with the drone (basically a camera with propellers that takes pictures from the air!) if it is appropriate for that listing. (We do not fly in winds over 20mph, rain/snow, or in no-fly zones. Some listings are also covered by trees or in parts of town that don’t want to be highlighted…so we’ll use our discretion for those, too).


We use a special camera set-up to shoot cinematic video of listings. These are not still images, and not a slideshow of any kind. They are not done with the drone, (although we do use the drone as well to get those exterior in-the-air video shots). This is a hand-held video camera rig we use to showcase the home in the most attention-grabbing way possible. This is true video that moves through the house and is edited with music, transitions, text, and agent/listing information for a visually appealing video you can use to market your listing.


We will use the drone (basically a camera with propellers that takes pictures and video from the air!) for aerial pictures when appropriate, and additional video from the sky, in addition to the ground pictures and video we take on the ground. Drone is included at no cost, so really, it’s just an extra service we provide free of charge when we are already at a listing doing ground photos and/or video. We utilize the drone to show angles from above, including birds-eye view (straight down over the property), elevated angles to show more of the whole property than we can get from one shot on the ground, and more elevated angles that showcase the neighborhood and surrounding areas. The only downside to drone is that we cannot operate it in high winds (over 20mph), rain/snow/other precipitation, or in no-fly zones (according to the FAA). If weather conditions prevent us from flying, we will either reach out to you ahead of time if you specifically requested drone for that shoot, or we will let you know that it wasn’t an option after we are done. **So please make sure to note if drone images are important to your listing ahead of time!**

360 Tour:

Our 360 Tour is taken with a camera that takes 360 images of each room of the house, and then is put together by our team in such a way that you can click on buttons and be transported to a 360 image of a different room of the house. You can click through the 360 images to get a sense of the whole house, how it is laid out, and see it all at your own pace. This is not a replacement for listing photos or video, but is a great addition for people who want to see the house at their own pace without stepping foot on the property.

We hope this helps break up each service we offer and clarifies what each one is! We always want our clients to show the full potential of their listings, and we hope that our services help them do just that!


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