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We have a passion for real estate, and it shows through the content we deliver to our real estate clients (At least that's what they say, so we're pretty sure it's legit). We offer a variety of services, and are flexible for customized needs of each individual request. If we do multiple services in one trip, it will save you some coin (cha-ching!). Please send us a message or give us a call for pricing!


We have been professional photographers in Lincoln, NE for over 15 years, and have been shooting real estate for more than half of that. Our pictures are excellent portrayals of the space, how the house is connected, as well as show the really awesome details that make each house unique. Check out our portfolio for proof.


We may have started out as photographers, but video has weaseled its way into our hearts and is now the majority of what we do! Video is an excellent way to showcase a listing, and allows potential buyers to get a real sense of a home before going to check it out. They are also another great source of advertising for real estate agents, and who doesn’t like getting their name out there even more!


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It’s a bird! It’s a plane! No, it’s just our drone, and it takes amazing pictures and video that help elevate your listing by adding neighborhood shots and allowing us to capture angles like never before. With that in mind, not all homes “need it”, so if drone is something that is beneficial, we will add it at no extra cost, and if not – then we won’t!


“Matterport”, “Virtual Tour”, even “Matterhorn” – we’ve heard it called many names (some are wrong), but here’s what it really is: It’s a 3D tour of a home, only instead of constant movement it allows potential buyers to click on points throughout the home and look around at those set points – kind of like on Facebook when someone takes a 360 photo. We can add “Mattertags” to some or all of the points that highlight specific features you would like included in the Matterport walkthrough. For instance, if a home you are selling has granite countertops, then when a buyer hovers over the Mattertag on the counter, it will say “granite countertops”. We’ve also included a handy Matterport example in case you are still curious.

If you are already a client and need help downloading your pictures and/or videos,

please visit this page How to Download Media From Your Gallery.

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